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FUTUREFABRIC Business Resilience specialises in consultation on Disaster Recovery Solutions to fit realised BCP requirements and furthermore can project manage Disaster Recovery Site and Technology implementations.

In the BCP market place it is difficult to find a supplier of BC Services that is not selling their own particular DR product. Your requirements tend to be moulded around their available solutions. We offer a fresh approach to BCP and DR. We base your DR response on the Business Impact Assessment of your organisation, we create a functioning BC Strategy and Business Continuity Plan for your company to adopt and following this we recommend, and if required, will implement the Disaster Recovery Solution in line with the discoveries made. These recommendations are not product linked or specific to certain hardware, software or recovery centre providers. Our solutions are designed using selections of market wide and niche technologies that will offer you the most effective investment you need to make in BCP and DR. We work with your IT Department and Senior Management Team to identify the best solution available.

Ongoing we also provide a Maintenance and Testing schedule to ensure the investment in a site and a plan is worthwhile and management can trust its dependability should the need to fail over occur.

Disaster Recovery Site Services

  • Research, Scoping and Design of the DR Site.
  •  Project Management of Site Implementations.
  •  Co-ordination of DR testing.
  •  IT Recovery Spot Checks – unannounced IT checks to test the availability and reliability of replicated systems and data. These are unannounced cold call tests assessing the true dependability of a recovery solution that relies on computer systems.

Audit and Health-check of IT Redundancy

  • Primary Site Infrastructure Redundancy (Power, Aircon, Genset, Fire Suppression).
  •  Primary Site Comms Redundancy.
  •  Primary Site Risk Assessment.
  •  DRS Infrastructure Review.
  •  DRS System and Application Review.
  •  Spot Testing of Replicated Data and Systems.
  •  Co-ordination of IT testing of DR solutions.